Universal Printing Assistant

We put together a couple new video pieces for Xerox to highlight the new Universal Printing App and all of the features it brings to the table. We thought putting another chapter in the “Ollie and Jensen” series would be a fun way to highlight some of the benefits of the app. Revisiting the office mates and Ollie’s antics to try and avoid the modern advantages that the mobile app brings was a lighthearted way to show off some of the UPA’s best features.

Our second video again made use of bright colors and a fun atmosphere. We decided to let the app do the talking and skipped the traditional VO or on-camera lines for upbeat music, poppy backdrops and visuals that spoke to the busyness and smooth environment that would come with the use of the mobile app.

Overall, we decided to craft two very different videos that both brought liveliness and color to the Xerox brand.